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* June 15th, '''Trifecta''' is formed after acquiring {{bl|KikiSoCheeky}}, {{bl|Cynosure}}, {{bl|Hurriwind}}, {{bl|Snoopy}} and {{bl|Eonic}} from [[In Memory of Gabe]].[]
* June 15th, '''Trifecta''' is formed after acquiring {{bl|KikiSoCheeky}}, {{bl|Cynosure}}, {{bl|Hurriwind}}, {{bl|Snoopy}} and {{bl|Eonic}} from [[In Memory of Gabe]].[]
* July 17th, [[Eonic]] leaves. []
* July 17th, [[Eonic]] leaves. []
* August 26th, {{bl|Masked}} retires.
* September 5th, {{bl|sam4soccer2}} joins. {{bl|Sata}} joins as coach.

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Team Information
LocationUnited States
Team CaptainSuharab"Mask" Askarzada
Sponsor(s)Ember Webs
Arma Centrum
Social Media



  • 2018
  • 2017

Player Roster


Date Joined Player Real Name Role
2018/01/22 USA ScaryD Ronald Belair Solo
2018/09/05 USA sam4soccer2 Samuel Waxman Jungle
2018/05/28 Canada Paul Paul Berger Mid
2018/01/22 USA Zapman Steven Zapas Hunter
2018/01/22 Canada NeiruMah NeilMah Support


ID Name Role Next Team
USA Masked Suharab Askarzada Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Retired.png Retired
USA KikiSoCheeky Ismael Torres Template:RoleSortNumber Solo LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming
USA Cynosure Brooks Mattey Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle SPYlogo std.png Splyce
USA Hurriwind Tyler Whitney Template:RoleSortNumber Mid CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
USA Snoopy Evan Jones Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
USA Aror Maxwell Jackson Template:RoleSortNumber Support SPYlogo std.png Splyce
Canada Eonic Sinjin Thorpe Template:RoleSortNumber Role Retired.png Retired

Team Achievements

Team Achievement

Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2018-07-06 A55th 2018 SMITE Pro League Logo.png 2018 NA SPL Summer Season ScaryDMaskPaulZapmanNeiruMah
2018-04-27 A44th 2018 SMITE Pro League Logo.png [[2018 NA SPL Spring Season]] ScaryDMaskMetyankeyZapmanNeiruMah
2017-11-05 A33 - 4th SPL SEASON4 LOGO.png [[2017 Super Regionals]] KikiSoCheekyCynoHurriwindSnoopyAror
2017-11-04 A44th 2018SWCLogo.png SWC 2018 Wildcard KikiSoCheekyCynoHurriwindSnoopyAror
2017-10-08 A44th SPL SEASON4 LOGO.png [[2017 NA SPL Fall Season]] KikiSoCheekyCynoHurriwindSnoopyAror
2017-07-16 A55 - 8th SPL SEASON4 LOGO.png 2017 SPL Summer Finals KikiSoCheekyCynoHurriwindSnoopyEonic $7,500
2017-06-25 A22nd SPL SEASON4 LOGO.png [[2017 NA SPL Summer Season]] KikiSoCheekyCynosureHurriwindSnoopyEonic

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