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The way to add and change teams to the teamlist has changed!
  1. Every team is in the list of the first letter in the shorthandle that was added before the =
  2. Teams that could be accessed by handles with different starting letters are added in both now
    • Example: Dlogo std.png Dignitas
      |team dignitas={{#vardefine:teamLong|Team Dignitas}}{{#vardefine:teamShort|d}}
      The above mentioned part is added to the Template:Teamnames/T, while the below listed part is added to Template:Teamnames/D now.
      |dignitas={{#vardefine:teamLong|Team Dignitas}}{{#vardefine:teamShort|d}}
  3. Everything that doesn't start with a normal letter was put into Template:Teamnames/def. (def = default)