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This is a relatively complicated and sensitive template that affects a large number of pages. Please use caution if editing.

Automatically creates {{TabsHeader}}s on player pages with all pages that exist as subpages to that player's page.

Currently supports:

  • Statistics
    • Statistics/2014
    • Statistics/2015
  • Match History
  • Stream




at the top of the secondary-content page (e.g. Playername/Statistics, Playername/Stream, etc). Tabs will automatically be generated supporting the above pages.


If you wish to have a second row of tabs for Statistics, you may NOT title any of the pages Statistics. They must be Statistics/2014, Statistics/2015, etc. If you only have ONE page of statistics, then Statistics alone is okay.

However, if you want Stats tabs to show up, the page Playername/Statistics must exist!!! Just make it redirect to something. It doesn't matter, it'll never actually get used. (If you DON'T want a Stats tabs, then this page shouldn't exist.)