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|location= United States
|location= United States
|coaches= {{bl|flareb00t}}Flareb00t <br> {{bl|ddruler}}Ruler
|coaches= {{bl|flareb00t}} <br> {{bl|ddruler}}R
|manager= {{bl|lydia}}Lydia
|manager= {{bl|lydia}}
|captain= Flareb00t
|captain= {{bl|flareb00t}}
|youtube=[ TeamJusTusPro]
|youtube=[ TeamJusTusPro]

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Team JusTus is a North American based eSports organization. They acquired their first SMITE team when signing the roster of the European team Upcoming Stars. In addition to SMITE, the organization also has teams in Call of Duty, Counter Strike Global Offensive, and Heroes of the Storm. For information about Team JusTus' Call of Duty team, see their page on CoD Esportspedia.


On August 14th, 2015 Team Justus signed the roster of Upcoming Stars just prior to the start of the Season 2 SPL Fall Split.[1]


  • 2015

Player Roster


ID Name Role
Netherlands Sozage Muzaffer Senturk Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
Netherlands Xephyr Bob Walet Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
Sweden Fexez Fredrik Vist Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
United Kingdom VoteNBK Liam Shanks Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
Denmark Qiwen Jørgen Hansen Template:RoleSortNumber Support
United Kingdom covertactician Thomas Shaw Template:RoleSortNumber Sub
Belgium Argonath Lieven Luyckx Template:RoleSortNumber Sub
Belgium mrcrunchy Kevin Wauters Template:RoleSortNumber Sub


ID Name Position
USA BigSnackks Template:RoleSortNumber Owner
United Kingdom Flareb00t Mark Carradice Head Coach
United Kingdom Ruler Chris Shaw Template:RoleSortNumber Coach
United Kingdom Lydia Lydia Picknell Template:RoleSortNumber Manager

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Roster Winnings

Highlight Videos


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