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#REDIRECT [[Team EnVy]]
|name= Team EnVyUs
|location= United States
|manager= Kevin '''"TheCajunAsian"''' Lim
|captain= Riley '''"Incon"''' Unzelman
|youtube=[ TeamEnVyUs]
|facebook=[ TeamEnVyUs]
|twitter= TeamEnVyUs
|sponsor= [ Astro Gaming] <br> [ Scuf Gaming] <br> [ Monster Energy] <br> [ GAEMS]  <br> [ DXRacer]
|created= 2015-10-05
'''Team EnVyUs''' is a North American based eSports organization. Established in 2007, they are one of the most storied eSports organizations in the world. Aside from SMITE, the team also has divisions for Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and StarCraft. ''For information about Team EnVyUs' Call of Duty team, <span class="plainlinks">[ see their page on CoD Esportspedia]</span>.''
== History ==
===Season 2===
The organization took it's first step into competitive SMITE, when they acquired the roster of [[AFK Gaming]] on October 5, 2015.<ref name="afkgaming">[ EnVyUs signs SMITE Pro League Powerhouse]</ref> At the time of the signing, the team was considered to be the best in North America, with a record of 18-2 through seven weeks of the [[SMITE_Pro_League/Season_2/North_America/Fall_Season| SPL Fall Split]]
== Timeline ==
* October 5th, '''[[AFK Gaming]]''' roster acquired. {{bl|CycloneSpin}}, {{bl|Weak3n}}, {{bl|KikiSoCheeky}}, {{bl|Incon}}, and {{bl|Allied}} join.<ref name="afkgaming" />
== Player Roster ==
{|class="sortable wikitable"
<onlyinclude>{{listplayer|CycloneSpin|us|Jarod Nguyen|Solo}}
{{listplayer|Weak3n|us| Kurt Scray |Jungle}}
{{listplayer|KikiSoCheeky|us| Ismael Torres |Mid}}
{{listplayer|Allied|us| David Hance |Hunter}}
{{listplayer|Incon|us| Riley Unzelman |Support}}
{{listplayer|KOREA|us|  |Sub}}</onlyinclude>
{|class="sortable prettytable"
! ID
! Name
! Position
{{listplayersp|Hastr0|us|Mike Rufail|'''Owner/Managing Director'''|{{{1}}} }}
{{listplayersp|TheCajunAsian|us|Kevin Lim|'''Team Manager'''|{{{1}}} }}
== Team Achievements ==
== Highlight Videos ==
==See Also==
==External Links==
<references />

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