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2019 Season

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  • Smite Pro League
  • Europe
  • North America
  • International
  • Phase 2
2018 SMITE Pro League Logo.png
1 Aug - 25 Oct 2019

1. RivaLlogo std.png Team RivaL 2-0 (6-2)
2. Dlogo std.png Dignitas 2-1 (7-4)
3. RenGlogo std.png Renegades 1-0 (3-1)
4. EUNlogo std.png EUnited 1-1 (5-4)
5. SPYlogo std.png Splyce 1-1 (4-3)
6. Knightslogo std.png Pittsburgh Knights 1-1 (4-4)
7. LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming 1-1 (4-5)
8. Sklogo std.png SK Gaming 1-2 (5-6)
9. TFECTlogo std.png Trifecta 0-1 (0-3)
10. SSGlogo std.png SpaceStation Gaming 0-2 (0-6)

Latest News
July 31st
NA TFECTlogo std.png TFECT Weak3n, Duck3y, Wowy, Moswal leave.
July 27th
NA Hypelogo std.png Hype RussianPapi, BennyQ, Pegon, sops and Molluskk join.
July 24th
INT TFECTlogo std.png TFECT Eonic leaves.
NA Exiliumlogo std.png Exilium Kyrmi, Haithi, Dishonored, Osath and Wheels join.
July 20th
NA Hypelogo std.png Hype ErupT Crimson joins.
July 18th
NA Hypelogo std.png Hype oGryph leaves.
July 14th
NA Armadalogo std.png Armada SoloOrTroll leaves.
July 9th
NA CRPTKlogo std.png CRPTK ShadowChair, Sibyl and MandoWarrior join. Copebby moves to jungler. sops leaves.
July 7th
EU FPGGlogo std.png FPGG Choda will be substituting FaraKrik in the Mid-Season Invitational.
July 4th
NA SnGlogo std.png SnG Oxiledeon will be substituting Jarcor in the Mid-Season Invitational.
June 27th
NA CRPTKlogo std.png CRPTK iFates, Mineral and Zearoe leave.
June 17th
NA Armadalogo std.png Armada SoloOrTroll joins.
INT LGlogo std.png LG Joshy moves to hunter. Oceans moves to mid lane.
June 13th
INT LGlogo std.png LG Lasbra joins. Molluskk leaves.
June 12th
INT TFECTlogo std.png TFECT Moswal joins. Lasbra leaves.
June 7th
INT SPYlogo std.png SPY Baskin joins. Divios leaves.
NA Armadalogo std.png Armada Baskin leaves.
May 27th
NA Armadalogo std.png Armada Masked joins.
NA SSGoldlogo std.png SSGold Masked leaves.
May 22nd
INT SPYlogo std.png SPY screammmmm and Venenu join. moswal and Cyno leave.
INT SSGlogo std.png SSG Cyno joins as jungler and andinster moves to Mid.
NA Armadalogo std.png Armada screammmmm leaves.
May 18th
INT SSGlogo std.png SSG Venenu retires.
May 14th
NA CRPTKlogo std.png CRPTK BennyQ leaves. Diesel joins.
May 6th
INT EUNlogo std.png EUN emilitoo joins.
May 4th
INT EUNlogo std.png EUN Vetium leaves.
May 3rd
INT EUNlogo std.png EUN Ezzune joins as coach.
May 1st
INT SSGlogo std.png SSG AlphaJackal joins as coach.
April 24th
EU OutColdlogo std.png OutCold HalfDevil leaves. Breez joins.
April 20th
EU Quesologo std.png Queso AlphaJackal leaves.
April 17th
INT TFECTlogo std.png TFECT KSier joins.
April 15th
NA CRPTKlogo std.png CRPTK Copebby joins. Yujibox leaves.
March 28th
INT SSGlogo std.png SSG Plazma joins as coach.
March 26th
EU OutColdlogo std.png OutCold emilitoo retires. HalfDevil joins.
February 25th
INT LGlogo std.png LG Gamma joins as coach.
February 18th
EU OutColdlogo std.png OutCold Dimi, PrettyPriMe, Emilitoo, FrostiaK and Spudio join.
EU SPCYlogo std.png SPCY Faeles, ManiaKK, DeathPanter, Genetics and StreakUp join.
EU Quesologo std.png Queso Chekii0, Dracomarino, Warchi, WorstTurttle and Julio join while AlphaJackal joins as coach.
NA CRPTKlogo std.png CRPTK Sops, BennyQ, Mineral, Zearoe and Yujibox join while Yunglad joins as coach.
NA SSGoldlogo std.png SSGold Mattypocket, ElChapo, Uzzy, Oswaald and Masked join.
NA Armadalogo std.png Armada Snoopy, NotGeno, Meerkat, Screammmmm and Baskin join.
January 19th
EU FPGGlogo std.png FPGG Kespainify, Fusify, Dzoni, Sibi and FaraKrik join.
NA SnGlogo std.png SnG Sheento, Netrioid, Ronngyu, Jarcor and Panitom join.
January 10th
INT SPYlogo std.png SPY SPYlogo std.png Splyce's roster resigns.
INT Knightslogo std.png Knights Adapting, EmilZy, Vote, Zyrhoes, Deathwalker and Rowe join.
INT LGlogo std.png LG themollusk, Oceans, Xaliea, Joshy, KikiSoCheeky join.
INT EUNlogo std.png EUN iceicebaby, KaLaS, BigManTingz, Vetium, Benji join.
INT RivaLlogo std.png RivaL fineokay, PolarBearMike, sLainy, Arkkyl, PandaCat and CaptainTwig join.
INT TFECTlogo std.png TFECT Eonic, Duck3y, LASBRA, Weak3n, Wowy join.
INT RenGlogo std.png RenG Cherryo, iRaffer, Nika, Dardez, Funballer join.
INT Sklogo std.png SK Zapman, Neirumah, Paul, ScaryD, sam4soccer2 join.
INT Dlogo std.png DIG Hurriwind and Ataraxia join.
INT SSGlogo std.png SSG SSGlogo std.png SpaceStation Gaming's roster resigns. Dimi leaves.
January 7th
INT SPYlogo std.png SPY SPYlogo std.png Splyce will participate in the SPL again.
January 5th
INT EUNlogo std.png EUN EUNlogo std.png EUnited will participate in the SPL again.
January 2nd
INT RivaLlogo std.png RivaL RivaLlogo std.png Team RivaL will participate in the SPL again.
Tournaments Latest God Free God Rotation
2018 SMITE Pro League Logo.png  
Nov 15 - Nov 17
  SMITE World Championship 2020
2018 SMITE Pro League Logo.png  
Nov 4 - Nov 8
  SWC 2020 Placement Round
2018 SMITE Pro League Logo.png  
Aug 1 - Oct 25
  SPL Phase 2 Season 6
SML Logo.png  
Jul 30 - Oct 22
  SML EU Phase 2 Season 6
SML Logo.png  
Jul 29 - Oct 23
  SML NA Phase 2 Season 6
SCL Logo.png  
Jul 27 - Oct 10
  SCL EU PS4 Phase 2
MSI Logo.png  
Jul 8 - Jul 11
  Mid-Season Invitational S6
2018 SMITE Pro League Logo.png  
Mar 28 - Jun 21
  SPL Phase 1 Season 6
SML Logo.png  
Mar 14 - Jun 7
  SML EU Phase 1 2019
SML Logo.png  
Mar 14 - Jun 7
  SML NA Phase 1 2019
ISL LOGO.png  
Mar 31 -
   ISL Playoffs (Spanish)
ISL LOGO.png  
Feb 17 - Mar 17
  IGN Smite League
Queen of the Underworld
Cost: Favor.png 11,000 Gems.png 200
Type: Ranged, Magical
Class: Mage
Pantheon: GreekSquare.png Greek

Upcoming Patch: TBA
Current Patch: Queen of the Underworld v6.9

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