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{{Infobox Player
{{Player info
|id = LoxiPoxi
|id = LoxiPoxi
|image = Logo.jpg
|image = Logo.jpg
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|role = Jungle
|role = Jungle
|country = United Kingdom
|country = United Kingdom
|bday = {{bday|y=1998|m=11|d=11}}
|birthday = {{Birth date and age|1998|11|11|mf=yes}}
|favgod = Ao Kuang
|favgod = Ao Kuang
|favgod2 = Thor
|favgod2 = Thor
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|instagram =  
|instagram =  
|facebook =  
|facebook =  
|teamhist1 = Spite Gaming
|history={{member|team=Spite Gaming|start_date=Feb 2015|stop_date=Feb 2015|role=}}
|teamdate1 = Feb 2015
|pc1 = true
|teamhist2 =
|teamdate2 =
|teamhist3 =
|teamdate3 =
|teamhist4 =
|teamdate4 =
|teamhist5 =
|teamdate5 =
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|teamdate6 =
|teamhist7 =
|teamdate7 =  

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Background Information
NameAaron Rowntree
Country of BirthUnited Kingdom
BirthdayNovember 11, 1998 (1998-11-11) (age 21)
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd Date
Logo std2.png Spite GamingFeb 2015Feb 2015

Aaron Rowntree ,"LoxiPoxi", is a SMITE player from the United Kingdom. He is currently LFT as a jungler for Season 3. He will be representing Vantage Gaming at the Am2Pro Lan in March 2016.


LoxiPoxi, prefers Loxi, has been playing SMITE for 2 years, he began playing due to watching TheSyndicateProject's Youtube video on it. After being part of a large Community Clan, "Zealot Gaming", and being the Leader of the SMITE Division there, he left to pursue making a larger name for himself in the community, and to meet better players.

He now resides in the depths of multiple TeamSpeak servers, and the dark thing they call Ranked.It is believed he will remain there until a large opportunity occurs.


  • Xuen's Wife.
  • Otterish's Jungle Slave.
  • Ruler's Son.
  • Got Kicked off Ghandi's Sandals when he was the best player on the team.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2015-03-08 A77th Hi-Rez Challenger Cup 2015 week 1 Logo std2.png Spite Gaming covertacticianxAntivistRulerTlLL
2016-03-12 Z? Am2Pro LAN Logo std2.png Vantage Gaming RulerSirduckbotKingtoadXuen

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