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Background Information
Name: Tyler Whitney
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: March 7, 1995
Team: Dignitas
Role: Mid
Favorite Gods:    
Social Media and Links
Livestream: Twitch
Twitter: SoaRHurriwind
Team History: <tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">Logo std2.png OnCoolDown</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jan 2014</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jan 2014</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">Chunkslogo std.png Chunks</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jun 2014</td><td style=font-size:90%>Dec 2014</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">Krakenlogo std.png Kraken</td><td style=font-size:90%>Feb 2015</td><td style=font-size:90%>Aug 2015</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">COGlogo std.png COG</td><td style=font-size:90%>Feb 2015</td><td style=font-size:90%>Aug 2015</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">C9logo std.png C9</td><td style=font-size:90%>Sep 2015</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jan 2016</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">Logo std2.png PS</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jan 2016</td><td style=font-size:90%>Mar 2016</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">SoaRlogo std.png SoaR</td><td style=font-size:90%>Mar 2016</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jan 2017</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">IMoGlogo std.png IMoG</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jan 2017</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jun 2017</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">TFECTlogo std.png TFECT</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jun 2017</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jan 2018</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">CLGlogo std.png CLG</td><td style=font-size:90%>Mar 2018</td><td style=font-size:90%>Dec 2018</td></tr>

<tr><td style="font-size:90%; text-align:left">Dlogo std.png DIG</td><td style=font-size:90%>Jan 2019</td><td style=font-size:90%>Current</td></tr>

Tyler "Hurriwind" Whitney is an American SMITE player, currently playing for Dignitas.


Hurriwind lives in Westerville, Ohio.

Hurriwind played on COGnitive Gaming during Season 2 Spring and Summer. On August 13th 2015, only days before the start of SPL Season 2 NA Fall, he was released from COGnitive Gaming together with the rest of the lineup.[1] Only a month later, on September 29th 2015, he was picked up as a substitute for Cloud9.[2]


  • His name is the combination of the words hurricane and whirlwind.
  • Is known as the "famous multi-role player"
  • Is currently majoring in Engineering and minoring in Film at the Miami University in Ohio

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2016-03-06 I1Q SPLSeason3Logo.png Season 3 NA SPL Spring Relegations Logo std2.png Problem Solved BaskinHomiefeMetyankeyJigz
2015-08-01 I1Q SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 NA Fall Relegations COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming BaskintodafaceHomiefeFaymousHateWubbn
2015-06-28 A77th SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 NA Summer Split COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming MeerkatbchmFaymousHateHomiefe
2014-11-22 A55 - 6th SPLS1NARegionals.png Season 1 NA Regional Championship Chunkslogo std.png Fat Chunks Assemble CycloneSpinUkneekSamshrewOrNahAror
2014-10-05 A55th SPLS1NA.png SPL NA Season 1 Chunkslogo std.png Fat Chunks Assemble CycloneSpinUkneekSamshrewOrNahAror

As Sub/Coach

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2016-01-10 A33 - 4th SWC2016logo small.png SMITE World Championship 2016 C9logo std.png Cloud9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-11-22 A11st SuperRegionalsSmall.png Season 2 NA Regionals C9logo std.png Cloud9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-10-25 A33rd SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 NA Fall Split C9logo std.png Cloud9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla

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