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{{listplayer|XenoTronics|us|Nathan Hewitt|Hunter }}
{{listplayer|XenoTronics|us|Nathan Hewitt|Hunter }}
{{listplayer|Shadowq|us|Erich Grabowski|Support }}
{{listplayer|Shadowq|us|Erich Grabowski|Support }}
{|class="sortable wikitable"
{{listplayer|InGameName|us|RealName|Role }}
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!Next Team
!Next Team
{{listplayer|Awesome2daMax|us|Max Ayazi|Sub|newteam=none}}
{{listplayer|Hurriwind|us|Tyler Whitney|Mid|newteam=In Memory of Gabe}}
{{listplayer|Benj1|us|Ben McKinzey|Solo|newteam=SoaR Gaming}}
===Temporary Subs===
{{listplayer|Homiefe|us|Alexander D'Souza|Jungle|newteam=SoaR Gaming}}
{|class="sortable wikitable"
{{listplayer|Vetium|ca|Conor Roberts|Hunter|newteam=SoaR Gaming}}
|[[IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Cologne]]

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Flash Point eSports
FlashpointGGlogo square.png
Team Information
LocationUnited States
Team CaptainErich "Shadowq" Grabowski
Sector Six Apparel
Sloth E-sports
Created04/11/2016 (Smite division)
Social Media
[ ][ Flash Point eSports ] [ Flash Point eSports ]

Flash Point eSports is an American eSports organization that has acquired the SMITE roster of Denial eSports, giving them a good spot within the world of competitive SMITE. Because of this, the organization adds SMITE to their already impressive line of teams, with the teams consisting of Counter Strike, League of Legends, Paladins, Super Smash Bros, Hearthstone, and Brawlhalla.


Season 3

The roster that was once under Denial eSports, Benj1, Homiefe, Hurriwind, Vetium, and Shadowq were having a pretty great season, in fact some could say that it was the best season that the organization had ever seen, they managed to land 4th place in the Fall Placement Tournament and even came in 2nd in their group (4th overall) in the LAN Stage. The team was hype and were looking forward to the Regional Championships, but the Denial organization had a different plan in mind. Before the event began, the organization decided to cut ties with the SMITE team, a decision that came from their goal of wanting to focus more on Heroes of the Storm and the team they had for it. So, they gave the team to Flash Point eSports, an organization that was more than willing to take them in.

Super Regionals

After the roster acquisition, Flash Point eSports was now heading into Super Regionals, and it would be here that their first match be against Team Eager. Predictions were against them with most people saying that Eager would take the set after five close games, this mainly stemmed from Eager's previous performance, but Flash Point managed to break a few faces in the first game. The Flash Point boys would take the first game without even breaking a sweat, causing those that doubted them to think twice before counting out the former Denial roster, but you know how that old saying goes about good things right? Well it turns out, Luminosity decided to take the kid gloves off and start fighting back, taking the next three games and in doing so, knocked Flash Point to Wildcard status. After that, they wound up gaining two wins, one from Team Dignitas while the other was a rematch with Luminosity. Sadly, they also lost to Team Allegiance, Sanguine Esports, and Orbit eSport, losing their chance at worlds.


  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


ID Name Role
Canada Aquarius Ryan O'Neill Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
USA Mirage Eugeen Mathew Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
USA Incon Riley Unzelman Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
USA XenoTronics Nathan Hewitt Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
USA Shadowq Erich Grabowski Template:RoleSortNumber Support


ID Name Role Next Team
USA Awesome2daMax Max Ayazi Template:RoleSortNumber Sub
USA Hurriwind Tyler Whitney Template:RoleSortNumber Mid IMoGlogo std.png In Memory of Gabe
USA Benj1 Ben McKinzey Template:RoleSortNumber Solo SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming
USA Homiefe Alexander D'Souza Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming
Canada Vetium Conor Roberts Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming


ID Name Position
USA InGameName RealName Head Coach
USA InGameName RealName Coach
USA InGameName RealName Manager

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2000-01-01 A22nd LaunchTournament.png Tournament with Logo Player APlayer BPlayer CPlayer DPlayer E $12,345
2000-01-01 A11st Tournament Player APlayer BPlayer CPlayer DPlayer E $1,234

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