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Background Information
Name: Emil Nielsen
Country of Birth: Denmark Denmark
Birthday: May 28, 2000
Team: NRG eSports
Role: Support
Favorite Gods:    
Alternate IDs: Emil0witchen
Social Media and Links
Livestream: Twitch
Twitter: EmilZy__
Reddit: EmilZy
Youtube: Channel
Team History
May 2014 - Jun 2014WorGlogo std.png Worth Gaming
Jun 2014 - Oct 2014CSTlogo std.png Team Coast
Jan 2015 - Feb 2015GAMJAlogo std.png Potato Boys
Feb 2015 - Jan 2016LClogo std.png London Conspiracy
Jan 2016 - Jan 2017CClogo std.png Cringe Crew
Feb 2017 - Jan 2018ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance
Feb 2018 - PresentNRGlogo std.png NRG Esports

Emil "EmilZy" Nielsen is a Danish SMITE player. He is currently playing support for NRG eSports.


EmilZy was born in Aarhus, Denmark and has since then moved to Odder, Denmark. EmilZy started PC gaming at the age of 11, obsessed with Minecraft, and later found himself playing SMITE with the occasional game of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

EmilZy's competitive SMITE Career started as PrincessTomato of Worth Gaming was going on vacation and the team needed a substitute for the SPL Season 1 EU Qualifiers. EmilZy took the offer, ended up winning the weekly tournament and the team decided to make EmilZy a permanent part of the team by putting him in as coach/sub. In June 2014 Worth Gaming was acquired by Team Coast where EmilZy stayed as Coach until the team disbanded in December 2014.

As season 2 approached, Potato Boys was formed with EmilZy as support and shout-caller along with former team member Shaggyshenk. In February 2015 they were acquired by London Conspiracy with EmilZy as team captain.


  • Is the youngest player to compete in the SPL in both Season 1 and Season 2, as his pro career started at the age of 13.
  • The name change to EmilZy was inspired by a teammate BugZy.
  • Is the shot-caller for his team.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2017-01-07 A33 - 4th 2018SWCLogo.png 2018 SMITE World Championships ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxia
2017-11-05 A22nd SuperRegionals2017.png Season 4 EU Regional Championship ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxia
2017-10-07 A11st SPL SEASON4 LOGO.png Season 4 EU SPL Fall Split ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxia
2017-06-24 A22nd SPL SEASON4 LOGO.png 2017 EU SPL Summer Season ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance maniaKKCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxia
2017-04-30 A11st 2017 Smite Masters.png SMITE Masters 2017 ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance maniaKKCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxia
2017-03-25 A11st SPL SEASON4 LOGO.png 2017 EU SPL Spring Season ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance maniaKKCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxia
2016-11-05 A22nd 2017Gauntlet.png Season 3 EU SPL Fall Gauntlet CClogo std.png Cringe Crew ZyrhoesRepikasKeroShaggyshenk
2016-10-23 A66th SPLSeason3Logo.png Season 3 EU SPL Fall Split CClogo std.png Cringe Crew ZyrhoesRepikasKeroShaggyshenk
2016-09-16 A66th SPLSeason3Logo.png Season 3 EU SPL Fall Placement CClogo std.png Cringe Crew ZyrhoesRepikasKeroShaggyshenk
2016-06-06 A44th SPLSeason3Logo.png Season 3 EU SPL Spring Split CClogo std.png Cringe Crew AxiozRepikasKeroShaggyshenk
2015-11-22 A44th SPLSeason2Logo.png Season 2 EU Regionals LClogo std.png London Conspiracy ZashuCherryoaeroShaggyshenk
2015-10-25 A44th SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Fall Split LClogo std.png London Conspiracy ZashuCherryoaeroShaggyshenk
2015-06-28 A55th SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Summer LClogo std.png London Conspiracy SnakeskinSuntouchaeroShaggyshenk
2015-04-05 A44th SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Spring LClogo std.png London Conspiracy SnakeskinSuntouchaeroShaggyshenk
2015-03-01 A22nd SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Spring Qualifiers LClogo std.png London Conspiracy SnakeskinR3DF00SuntouchShaggyshenk

As Coach

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2014-10-05 A66th SPLS1EU.png SPL Season 1 EU Regular Season CSTlogo std.png Team Coast VarietyNinjaBobatKorinyoShaggyshenkPrincessTomato
2014-07-26 A22nd SPLS1EUKickOffLan.png SPL Season 1 EU Kick-Off LAN CSTlogo std.png Team Coast VarietyNinjaBobatKorinyoShaggyshenkPrincessTomato
2014-07-16 A11st SPLS1EU.png SPL Season 1 EU Qualifiers WorGlogo std.png Worth Gaming VarietyNinjaBobatKorinyoShaggyshenkPrincessTomato

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