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{{listplayer|Omega|us|Ryan Johnson|Solo|newteam=Cloud 9}}
{{listplayer|Omega|us|Ryan Johnson|Solo|newteam=Cloud 9}}
{{listplayer|Daretocare|us|Rosario Vilardi|Hunter|newteam=Team Dignitas}}
{{listplayer|Daretocare|us|Rosario Vilardi|Hunter|newteam=Team Dignitas}}
{{listplayer|Shing|us|Alexander Rosa| |newteam=SNIPE Gaming}}
{{listplayer|Shing|us|Alexander Rosa|Jungle|newteam=SNIPE Gaming}}
{{listplayer|Allied|us|David Hance| |newteam=SNIPE Gaming}}
{{listplayer|Allied|us|David Hance|Hunter|newteam=SNIPE Gaming}}
{{listplayer|Kaeyoh|us| | |newteam=none}}
{{listplayer|Kaeyoh|us| | |newteam=none}}

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COGnitive Gaming
COG logo 150.png
Team Information
LocationUnited States
Manager(s)David Fry II
Team CaptainJigz
Created2013 July
Social Media
[ COGnitiveGaming ]

COGnitive Gaming is a premier American SMITE team. It was formed in July 2013 with the acquisition of SNIPE Gaming. It has since been home to several European and American SMITE lineups. This article describes its main lineup, also temporarily named COGnitive Prime. For the other teams, see COGnitive Red, COGnitive Forge and COGnitive EU.



  • 2015
  • 2013
  • July, COGnitive Gaming is formed.

Player Roster


ID Name Role
USA Meerkat Tyler Jensen Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
USA Mask Rob Askar Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
USA Hurriwind Tyler Whitney Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
USA FaymousHate Damian Gudel Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
USA Jigz Connor Echols Template:RoleSortNumber Support


ID Name Role Next Team
USA BaRRaCuDDa John Salter Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter C9logo std.png Cloud9
USA MLCSt3alth Brett Felley Template:RoleSortNumber Mid C9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Andinster Andrew Woodward Template:RoleSortNumber Jungler C9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Jeffhindla Rosario Vilardi Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter C9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Omega Ryan Johnson Template:RoleSortNumber Solo C9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Daretocare Rosario Vilardi Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter Logo std2.png Team Dignitas
USA Shing Alexander Rosa Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle SNIPElogo std.png SNIPE Gaming
USA Allied David Hance Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter SNIPElogo std.png SNIPE Gaming
USA Kaeyoh Template:RoleSortNumber


ID Name Position
USA Smugglinrum David Fry II Manager

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2015-01-11 A11st SWC2015logo small.png SMITE World Championship 2015 OmegaAndinsterMLCSt3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla $1,306,130
2014-11-23 A22nd SPLS1NARegionals.png SMITE Pro League NA Regionals OmegaAndinsterMLCSt3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2014-10-05 A22nd SPLS1NA.png SMITE Pro League NA Season 1 OmegaAndinsterMLCSt3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2014-08-09 A33 - 4th SPLS1NAKickOffLan.png SMITE Pro League NA Kick-Off LAN OmegaAndinsterMLCSt3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla $6,250
2014-03-30 A33rd LaunchTournament.png SMITE Launch Tournament OmegaAndinsterMLCSt3althBaRRaCCuDDaDaretocare $30,507
2013-09-02 A33rd PAX-Prime-Logo.png PAX Prime $3,000

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