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For offline/LAN events, instead of using a standard table to list the participants, this template can be used instead to list the teams and their rosters. This allows for the elimination of the Team Roster tab along the top of the tournament page.

Code explanation

  • In the |team= blank, put in the team name exactly as it should be. This includes proper capitalization and spacing. For example, you would type CLG Prime and not clgprime. After filling in this blank, if the team's logo does not show up in place of the League of Legends "L" logo, then either the team is not added to Template:TeamImage or you have put in the wrong name for the team.
  • In the |player#= blank, put in each player's name, with up to five names. This will create a link to the player's page, so please use the player's name as it is listed on their page.
  • In the |flag#= blank, put in a two-letter country code for each player's home country. A full list of support flags and country codes can be found on Template:Flag.
  • The |footnote#= blank is optional and should only be used in case a note needs to be made. For example, if a team switches out a player mid-event then you should use this blank to add a footnote after the player's name so you can list who they replace or are being replaced by.