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  • Used between GroupTableStart and GroupTableEnd have been used to create the contents of Group Table.
  • To denote a team's rank within the group, put the appropriate number in |place=#
  • To denote the number of matches a team has lost, won, or if there was a draw, use |win_m=#, |lose_m=#, and |draw_m=#.
  • To denote the number of games a team has lost or won, use |win_g=# and |lose_g=#
  • If a points system is used, it can be shown used |diff=#.
  • Adding |bg=proceed or |bg=staydown to the end of a GroupTableSlot to denote if a team advanced from the group stage or were eliminated.


{{GroupTableSlot| {{player|flag=|}} |place=1|win_m=0|draw_m=0|lose_m=0|win_g=0|lose_g=0|diff=0|bg=}}

Adapted from Liquipedia