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  Semifinals Finals
  R1D1 0
  R1D2 0
  R2W1 0
  R2W2 0
  R1D3 0
  R1D4 0


  • 4 people start off in the first round of the tournament (R1D1 through R1D4).
  • The two losers are either eliminated, or go on to play in the optional 3rd place match (R2D1 and R2D2). If the third place match is not played, there is no need to fill out those fields.
  • The two winners go on to the final match (R2W1 and R2W2).


Most tournaments will use the bracket without flags and will use the TeamShort template to create team logos in the bracket. For other tournaments and for qualifiers, use the bracket with flags.

Adapted from Liquipedia