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Team Coast

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Team has Disbanded.
Team Coast
Team Information
Location: Europe Europe
Created: 2014-06
Disbanded: 2014-10-19

Team Coast was a European SMITE team.



  • 2014

Player Roster



ID Name Role Next Team
United Kingdom Variety Harry Cumming Template:RoleSortNumber Solo NOlogo std.png Novus Orsa
Netherlands Shaggyshenk Jasper Dekker Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter GAMJAlogo std.png Potato Boys
United Kingdom PrincessTomato Jake Wilson Template:RoleSortNumber Support Retired.png Retired
Denmark Zindurn Mads Toft Rasmussen Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle NoXlogo std.png TheNightsWatch
Netherlands Korinyo Julian Dollé Template:RoleSortNumber Mid NoXlogo std.png TheNightsWatch
Germany NinjaBobat Robert Kaminski Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle C9logo std.png Cloud9
Denmark Hyrrok Jesper Haagensen Template:RoleSortNumber Solo C9logo std.png Cloud9
United Kingdom Funballz Kieran Patidar Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter IKicklogo std.png Team Kicked
Denmark Qiwen Jørgen Hedensted Hansen Template:RoleSortNumber Support Starslogo std.png Upcoming Stars
Norway Ghortak Sondre Ludviksen Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Retired.png Retired
Norway Spooh Martin Arntzen Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Retired.png Retired
United Kingdom ShadowNightmare Lewis Farrell Template:RoleSortNumber Mid IKicklogo std.png Team Kicked
Sweden emilitoo Emil Stärnman Template:RoleSortNumber Support C9logo std.png Cloud9
Germany Optixx Christoph Thömmes Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter C9logo std.png Cloud9
United Kingdom Bugzy Adrian Bugjaski Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter Famlogo std.png Five Angry Men
Denmark Safari Template:RoleSortNumber Support Retired.png Retired




ID Name Position Next Team
Denmark EmilZy Emil Nielsen Template:RoleSortNumber Coach GAMJAlogo std.png Potato Boys

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