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Hello Guys,

Please see the picture to the right. ROUND ROBIN.GIF

I have noticed that the round-robin tables in the results section are showing incorrect.

As you can see on the page (as of 5/5/16), the round-robin tables are almost full, even though we are only halfway through the season.

It should be changed so that the "Home" team are on the Rows and the "Away" teams are on the Columns.

Making this change would mean that the round robin table would be filled in correctly and that it will not be almost full.

I am happy to make this edit if you would wish.

Thank you for reading,


EDIT: The fixtures need to be correct for home and away

We're not considering doing this, since this makes the crosstable essentially more difficult to read, and as you can see on our League of Legends counterpart here or on Liquipedia it also isn't done there. Plus I also need to mention that every game played in the SPL is essentially a Best of 1, since teams don't receive more points for winning a set (like in the BGL). Unovy (talk) 21:45, 6 May 2016 (UTC)