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Season 3 Preseason Roster Swaps/North America/Current Rosters

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This page was created to track off-season roster changes between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3. Rosters were not updated after the start of Season 3. For current rosters, please see each team's page.

SPL Starting Rosters

Blanklogo_std.png COGlogo std.png Egrlogo std.png
S2 S3
Solo Meerkat Divios
Jungle djpernicus
Mid TheBest
Hunter Cabom Zapman
Support Aror
Blanklogo_std.png C9logo std.png LGlogo std.png
S2 S3
Solo Baskin Snoopy
Jungle andinster
Mid MLCst3alth TheBoosh
Hunter BaRRaCCuDDa
Support JeffHindla
NMElogo std.png Enemy
S2 S3
Solo Benj1 Marauder
Jungle Adjust Varizial
Mid Khaos
Hunter Vetium PandaCat
Support PainDeViande
Blanklogo_std.png PS SoaRlogo std.png
Preseason S3
Solo Meerkat Baskin
Jungle Homiefe
Mid Hurriwind
Hunter Metyankey
Support Jigz
Blanklogo_std.png Egrlogo std.png ALGlogo std.png
S2 S3
Solo 0mega Mattypocket
Jungle DaretoCare
Mid Lassiz
Hunter Zapman Oceans
Support PolarBearMike Incon
Blanklogo_std.png ELvlogo std.png KSPĂ–Tlogo std.png
S2 S3
Solo ScaryD
Jungle Mytherea Eonic
Hunter Vessalius Meerkat
Support Metyankey PolarBearMike

Other Rosters

NeilMlogo std.png NeilM
S2 S3
Solo Covi DanteLeFargo
Jungle Grishank Soulshiner
Mid JiminyGlick
Hunter PandaCat
Support NeiruMah
RBRlogo std.png Risky Behavior
S2 S3
Solo Venenu
Jungle Skeeledon
Mid Xenotronics Venenu
Hunter FaymousHate
Support Wubbn