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SMITE World Championship 2015

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SMITE World Championship 2015
League Information
Organizer: Hi-Rez Studios
Sponsor: Curse
City of Alpharetta
Gamer Launch
Habit Arogeti and Wynne
Event Type: Offline
Country United States USA
Format: Double Elimination, Single Elimination
Prize pool: $2,612,260
Start Date: 2015-01-09
End Date: 2015-01-11
Links: Website

The SMITE World Championship 2015 was an event held by Hi-Rez Studios to finish off the official eSports season in early January 2015. For the first time ever the best teams from North America and Europe were joined by teams from Latin America & Brazil as well as China. Its prize pool of $2,612,260 was the fourth largest at a single eSports event to date.



  • The teams started in an 8-team double elimination best-of-1 Placement Stage
  • The winners of Winner Bracket Round 2 were seeded into the Semi Final of the single elimination best-of-3 Knockout Stage
  • The losers of Winner Bracket Round 2 and the winners of Loser Bracket Round 1 were seeded into the Quarter Final of the Knockout Stage

Prize Pool

$2,612,260 USD is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 1,306,130 COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming
Silver.png 2nd $ 522,452 Titanlogo std.png Titan
Bronze.png 3rd $ 391,839 COGRedlogo std.png COGnitive Red
Copper.png 4th $ 261,226 Sklogo std.png SK Gaming
5th-8th $ 32,653 OMGlogo std.png Oh My God
WL8logo std.png We Love Bacon
DIDlogo std.png Daoge is Dog
404logo std.png Name Not Found


COGnitive Red
Canada Divios
USA DaGarz
USA TheBoosh
Canada Snoopy
Canada Eonic
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Daoge is Dog
China azhuan
France Seensei
China Night
China aBing
China IF
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Name Not Found
Colombia Atarban
Chile Huaso
Chile NicerChile
Chile Oxiledeon
Argentina Zethsu
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Oh My God
Oh My Godlogo square.png
China Enjing
China NiFeng
China Never.ans
China MingZhiYu
China fightingj
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SK Gaming
Sk logo.png
Portugal maniaKK
Sweden Zyrhoes
United Kingdom CaptainTwig
United Kingdom Realzx
Norway Badgah
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Titan eSports.png
Denmark Confrey
Denmark repikas
Sweden PrettyPriMe
United Kingdom Ataraxia
Sweden KanyeLife
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We Love Bacon
Brazil OReiTroll
Brazil Nann
Portugal aimless
Brazil qe3q
Brazil Firemancerskull
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Placement Stage

  Round 1 Round 2
Winner's bracket
  COGRedlogo std.png COGR 1
  DIDlogo std.png DID 0
  COGRedlogo std.png COGR 0
  Sklogo std.png SK 1
  Sklogo std.png SK 1
  WL8logo std.png WL8 0
  Titanlogo std.png Titan 1
  OMGlogo std.png OMG 0
  Titanlogo std.png Titan 0
  COGlogo std.png COG 1
  COGlogo std.png COG 1
  404logo std.png 404 0
Loser's bracket
  DIDlogo std.png DID 0
  WL8logo std.png WL8 1
  OMGlogo std.png OMG 1
  404logo std.png 404 0
Group A
1. Sklogo std.png SK Gaming 2-0
2. COGRedlogo std.png COGnitive Red 1-1
3. WL8logo std.png We Love Bacon 1-1
4. DIDlogo std.png Daoge is Dog 0-2
Group A Matches
COGR COGRedlogo std.png 1 0 DIDlogo std.png DID
SK Sklogo std.png 1 0 WL8logo std.png WL8
COGR COGRedlogo std.png 0 1 Sklogo std.png SK
DID DIDlogo std.png 0 1 WL8logo std.png WL8

Group B
1. COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming 2-0
2. Titanlogo std.png Titan 1-1
3. OMGlogo std.png Oh My God 1-1
4. 404logo std.png Name Not Found 0-2
Group B Matches
Titan Titanlogo std.png 1 0 OMGlogo std.png OMG
COG COGlogo std.png 1 0 404logo std.png 404
Titan Titanlogo std.png 0 1 COGlogo std.png COG
OMG OMGlogo std.png 1 0 404logo std.png 404

Knockout Stage

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  WL8logo std.png WL8 0
  Titanlogo std.png Titan 2
  Titanlogo std.png Titan 2
  Sklogo std.png SK 0
  Titanlogo std.png Titan 2
  COGlogo std.png COG 3
3rd place match
  COGlogo std.png COG 2
  Sklogo std.png SK 0
  COGRedlogo std.png COGR 1
  OMGlogo std.png OMG 0   COGRedlogo std.png COGR 2
  COGRedlogo std.png COGR 2

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