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SMITE Pro League/Season 3/Oceania/Split 2 Relegations

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Season 3 OPL Split 2 Relegations
League Information
Organizer: CyberGamer
Sponsor: Mwave
Event Type: Online
Format: Head-to-Head
Start Date: 2015-04-30
End Date: 2015-05-01
Links: Website


The SMITE Oceanic Pro League Split 2 Relegations is a tournament that brings together the Bottom 4 teams from Season 3 OPL Split 1 and the Top 4 teams from the Season 3 OCE Challenger's Cup. All teams are matched up against each other in a head-to-head format where the winner of each match promotes to Season 3 OPL Split 2.


Qualifying Teams

Place Team
Q Avlogo std.png Avant Garde
DWlogo std.png Dire Wolves
Logo std2.png Irish Wristwatch
LiPJlogo std.png LlamasInPyjamas


Eye - Show All 2.pngRosters

From OPL

Sin Gaming1
Trident Esports1

From Challenger's Cup

Lore Gaming
Australia OmeOmaOmi
Netherlands shrek
Australia Senses
Australia Dante
Australia Chilled
1 Sin Gaming and Trident Esports disband prior to tournament, therefore it has been decided that Dire Wolves and Avant Garde are auto-qualified into OPL Split 2.


  Match 1
   InVidlogo std.png inVid 1
   Logo std2.png eyeWW
  Match 2
   LiPJlogo std.png LiPJ
   Lorelogo std.png Lore 0


[Show all Results]

Game Schedule
Round Match Date PDT EDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Highlights Discussion
inVid InVidlogo std.png
vs. Logo std2.png eyeWW
2016-04-30 23:00 02:00 08:00 15:00 -- -- -
LiPJ LiPJlogo std.png
vs. Lorelogo std.png Lore
2016-05-01 23:00 02:00 08:00 15:00 -- -- -