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SMITE Console League/Season 3/Oceania/Split 1

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CyberGamer Xbox Oceania Pro League
League Information
Organizer: CyberGamer
Event Type: Online
Country Australia Australia
Format: Round Robin
Double Elimination Bracket
Prize pool: $450
Start Date: 2016-01-25
End Date: 2016-03-27

The CyberGamer Xbox SMITE Oceania Pro League is a league for SMITE on Xbox One hosted by CyberGamer.



  • Top 6 from Qualifier play
  • Round Robin Stage
    • Each team plays each other once in a Set of 2 games
  • Playoff Stage
    • Top 4 teams play
    • Double Elimination Bracket

Prize Pool

$ 450 AUD (Approximately $ 327 USD) is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (AUD) ≈Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 300 + 1200 Gems $ 218 CTDLlogo std.png Citadel Gaming
Silver.png 2nd $ 150 + 800 Gems $ 109 EXMPLlogo std.png Example
Bronze.png 3rd 400 Gems Inceptlogo std.png Incept eSports
Copper.png 4th VNlogo std.png Vendetta Nation


Citadel Gaming
Australia Bizical
Australia Zekaeh
New Zealand vLegend
Australia Addolescent
Australia Zuutra
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Example logo.png
Australia Aqew
Australia Chappy
New Zealand Panik
Australia Negasis Ghee
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Incept eSports
Australia Dank Bacon
Australia Haytons
Australia Yarpiee
Australia Eddis0n
Australia Dostiny
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1Vendetta Nation acquired the roster of Nameless.


Round Robin

1. CTDLlogo std.png Citadel Gaming 10-0
2. Inceptlogo std.png Incept eSports 6-4
3. EXMPLlogo std.png Example 6-4
4. VNlogo std.png Vendetta Nation 4-6
5. DLlogo std.png Deadline 2-8
6. GrudGlogo std.png Grudge Gaming 2-8
Round 1
CTDL CTDLlogo std.png 2 0 Inceptlogo std.png Incept
vN VNlogo std.png 1 1 GrudGlogo std.png GrudG
EXMPL EXMPLlogo std.png 2 0 DLlogo std.png dL
Round 2
CTDL CTDLlogo std.png 2 0 DLlogo std.png dL
Incept Inceptlogo std.png 1 1 VNlogo std.png vN
GrudG GrudGlogo std.png 1 1 EXMPLlogo std.png EXMPL
Round 3
CTDL CTDLlogo std.png 2 0 VNlogo std.png vN
Incept Inceptlogo std.png 1 1 EXMPLlogo std.png EXMPL
GrudG GrudGlogo std.png 0 2 DLlogo std.png dL
Round 4
Incept Inceptlogo std.png 2 0 DLlogo std.png dL
GrudG GrudGlogo std.png 0 2 CTDLlogo std.png CTDL
vN VNlogo std.png 0 2 EXMPLlogo std.png EXMPL
Round 5
CTDL CTDLlogo std.png 2 0 EXMPLlogo std.png EXMPL
dL DLlogo std.png 0 2 VNlogo std.png vN
GrudG GrudGlogo std.png 0 2 Inceptlogo std.png Incept


  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  CTDLlogo std.png CTDL 2
  VNlogo std.png vN 0
  CTDLlogo std.png CTDL 2
  Inceptlogo std.png Incept 0
  Inceptlogo std.png Incept 2
  EXMPLlogo std.png EXMPL 1
  CTDLlogo std.png CTDL 2
  EXMPLlogo std.png EXMPL 0
Loser's bracket
  Inceptlogo std.png Incept 1
  VNlogo std.png vN 1
  EXMPLlogo std.png EXMPL 2
  EXMPLlogo std.png EXMPL 2

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