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SMITE Combine/Season 6/Europe/Tournament 1/Week 2

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Combine EU Tournament 1 Week 2
Combine 2019 Logo.png
League Information
Organizer: Hi-Rez Studios
Event Type: Online
Format: Single Elimination Bracket
Date: 2019/16/02


The SMITE Combine EU Season 2019 is a weekly tournament where teams can get prizing and even a spot for the EU SML.


  • Open bracket
  • Single elimination bracket, Best of 1
  • Best of 3 Semifinals and Final
  • No region locking
  • Top team can potentially replace a poorly performing SML team in the middle of the 2019 season
  • Top team can be promoted into the SML at the end of the 2019 season
  • Teams can earn prizing each tournament based on their final placement after 4 weeks of open bracket play
  • $1, 250 prize pool per region for each Combine tournament

Classification Table

This table is not definitive, it could be changed depending on the format of the competition.

Rank Team
1. Wine n Dine
2. eloFisherS
3. Gruby Powerhouse
4. Moxies
5. 4EVER
Fappy Waffle
9. Avalanche
Cabbage eSports
Daraya e-Sports
Don't be nice
In Too Deep
Los Defensores de la Furia Dorada
Phalanx Fury
Team Avalon
17. GG
La Trampa de Artemis
Red Star
Scuffed Jays
The Mandem


  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  eloFisherS W
  eloFisherS 1
  Phalanx Fury 0
  Phalanx Fury 1
  La Trampa de Artemis 0
  eloFisherS 1
  JustF6 0
  InsertTeamName 0
  Cabbage eSports 1
  Cabbage eSports 0
  JustF6 1
  JustF6 1
  Thunderhead 0
  eloFisherS 2
  Gruby Powerhouse 0
  Team Avalon W
  Team Avalon 0
  Fappy Waffle 1
  GG 0
  Fappy Waffle 1
  Fappy Waffle 0
  Gruby Powerhouse 1
  Gruby Powerhouse W
  Gruby Powerhouse 1
  Daraya e-Sports 0
  Daraya e-Sports 1
  Scuffed Jays 0
  eloFisherS 0
  Wine n Dine 2
  Moxies W
  Moxies 1
  Los Defensores de la Furia Dorada 0
  Los Defensores de la Furia Dorada 1
3rd place match
  The Mandem 0
  Moxies 1   Gruby Powerhouse 1
  4EVER 0
  Moxies 0
  In Too Deep0 W
  In Too Deep 0
  4EVER 1
  4EVER 1
  ricardoFlick 0
  Moxies 1
  Wine n Dine 2
  Baguettes W
  Baguettes 1
  Don't be nice 0
  LifeOfTheParty 0
  Don't be nice 1
  Baguettes 0
  Wine n Dine 1
  Wine n Dine W
  Wine n Dine 1
  Avalanche 0
  Avalanche 1
  Red Star 0