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Background Information
Name: Juan Domingo Jimenez Vasquez
Country of Birth: Mexico Mexico
Birthday: November 26, 1996
Team: LlyamasInPyjamas
Role: Hunter
Favorite Gods:     
Social Media and Links
Twitter: Llamabarana
Team History
Dec 2014Logo std2.png Salt Boys
Dec 2014 - Feb 2015RvLlogo std.png Rival eSports
Feb 2014 - Jul 2015SLCNlogo std.png Silicon Sports
Jul 2015 - Mar 2016InVidlogo std.png InVidious
Mar 2016 - PresentLiPJlogo std.png LlamasInPyjamas

Juan Domingo "Ranabarana" Jimenez Vasquez is a Mexican SMITE player. He is currently playing hunter for LlamasInPyjamas.


Ranabarana has been playing games since he can remember. Before moving to Australia he played mainly Nintendo games, once he moved, he got into PC games like Tribes: Ascend and Team Fortress 2 before entering the SMITE scene. First playing on the NA server, he struggled to find a team due to the time difference. Once the OCE server was released, he teamed up with Maxen and joined Salt Boys which would join Rival eSports in December 2014 and Silicon Sports in Febraury 2015.

While in Silicon Sports, he qualified for the OCE Pro League. Only days before the league's start, he joined InVidious together with the rest of his team.[1]


  • His nickname translates to "frog lizard" (Spanish: "rana" - frog, "barano" - lizard)

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2015-09-06 A55th Oceania-spl-s2.png SPL Season 2 OCE Pro League InVidlogo std.png InVidious FreeMasonTopNotchJustRogueNitkrik
2015-03-08 A44th CyberGamer Open Ladder Finals Tournament SLCNlogo std.png Silicon Sports FreeMasonTopNotchJustRogueMaxen

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