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Legacy eSports

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Legacy eSports
Team Information
Location: Australia Australia
Managers: Lucas "Dukey" Hobbs
Team Captain: Cody "IDIVINE" Davies
Website: Legacy eSports
Sponsor: ASUS
Facebook: Legacy eSports
Twitter: LegacyOCE
Created: 2016-07-29 (SMITE division)

Legacy eSports is an Australian eSports organization created in 2014 on the 4th of July. The organization got it's start in League of Legends, but has since expanded to other popular games, one of them being SMITE. Aside from SMITE and League of Legends, they have a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, also has a few players in Super Smash Bros.


Legacy eSports, formally known as Avant Garde Ascension, decided to leave Avant Gaming and start their own organization. Since being created, Legacy eSports has been the International WildCard Representative for 2014 and has participated in the finale of the OPL every split to date.


  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


ID Name Role
Australia ElChuckles Joshua Bruce Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
New Zealand Yada Riki Wellington Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
Australia iDivine Cody Davies Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
Australia Liimits Reagen Bell Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
Australia Weave Daniel Stevenson Template:RoleSortNumber Support


ID Name Role Next Team
New Zealand Shred Tyler Hall Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Logo std2.png Daddy Day Care
New Zealand OnlyGoodAtSolo Sam Wouters Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Logo std2.png Daddy Day Care
Australia Agony Joshua Wisnesky Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
South Korea hs247 Seo Hui-mang (서희망) Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter DWlogo std.png Dire Wolves
Australia Weave Daniel Stevenson Template:RoleSortNumber Sub Logo std2.png Slap and Giggle
Australia Horizon Robert Bartuccio Template:RoleSortNumber Sub



ID Name Position
Australia Dukey Lucas Hobbs Template:RoleSortNumber Manager

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