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Background Information
Name: Joshua Shepherd
Country of Birth: New Zealand New Zealand
Birthday: June 27, 1998
Role: Support
Favorite Gods:     
Social Media and Links
Livestream: mysticjosh
Twitter: icklebognok
Reddit: mysticjosh

Joshua "Icklebognok" Shepherd is a New Zealand SMITE player. He is currently teamless.


Icklebognok started playing video games when he was 5 years old, after receiving a hand-me down Gameboy from his cousin. After getting a Playstation 2 for christmas, he became an avid console gamer, but became a PC fan after playing MMOS such as runescape, WoW and Maple Story.

Icklebognok joined smite during early 2013, recommended by his friend Nzbenk. He started playing support from game one playing Odin and got himself a quadra kill. He played mid and solo for a while on NA but started to play Support on the OCE servers when they kicked off.


  • He has being Diagnosed with Autism since he was 3.
  • He is blind in one eye due to retinal detachment when he was 10.
  • He is the self claimed 'best/worst support NZ'

Team and Tournament History

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