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Background Information
Name: Lucas Silva
Country of Birth: Brazil Brazil
Birthday: ,
Team: paiN Gaming
Role: Hunter
Team History
Mar 2015 - Aug 2015ETRlogo std.png Eternal Rally
Aug 2015 - PresentPaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming

Lucas "Arkanjo" Silva is a Brazilian SMITE player. He is currently playing hunter for paiN Gaming.



Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2016-05-17 A44th BGL2016.png BGL 2016 Split 1 Playoffs PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming Stalk3rMadrugodSchultZenNagare
2016-05-05 A44th BGL2016.png BGL 2016 Split 1 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming Stalk3rMadrugodSchultZenNagare
2016-01-10 A55 - 8th SWC2016logo small.png SMITE World Championship 2016 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming Stalk3rMadrugadãoSchultZenNagare
2015-11-28 A11st S2 Brazil Regionals.png SPL Season 2 Brazil Regional Championship PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming Stalk3rMadrugadãoSchultZenNagare
2015-10-18 A22nd BrazilGamingLeague.png Arena X5 2 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming DeliciaMadrugadãoStalk3rNagare
2015-09-29 A33rd BrazilGamingLeague.png Brazil Gaming League 2 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming SchultZenMadrugadãoStalk3rNagare
2015-06-14 A55th SmiteMasters.png SMITE Masters São Paulo ETRlogo std.png Eternal Rally DeliciaNoeStalk3rYoraeNagare
2015-06-12 A22nd BrazilGamingLeague.png Arena X5 ETRlogo std.png Eternal Rally DeliciaNoeStalk3rYoraeNagare
2015-05-19 A33rd BrazilGamingLeague.png Brazil Gaming League ETRlogo std.png Eternal Rally DeliciaNoeStalk3rYoraetheshipmonk

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